My name is Daniel, and I am a follower of Jesus. My identity is is Christ, which means that the Holy Spirit is in the continual process of making me look more and more like Jesus daily.

The Lord has blessed me with a beautiful little family. I am the proud husband to my beautiful wife of 9+ years, Jodi. She is my rock and the better half of our living expression of the gospel. We are the parents of a sassy little toddler named Sloane, a joyful baby girl named Sutton, and a feisty pup named Mori. Collectively, we are the Morrow family.

As a Son of God I am a minister, and a Student Pastor by vocational calling. It is my deepest desire to see the Kingdom of God expand through discipleship. Thus, I strive to disciple, equip, lead, and launch disciples of Christ.

Within these pages you will find messages and contemplations of mine. I hope you find yourself challenged in new and fresh ways.

Gig ’em, and God Bless.

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