Simple Math

Do you want to change the world?

A disciplemaker is a multiplier. A disciplemaker makes disciples who make more disciples, who make more disciples, etc. As he makes disciples who make disciples, eventually the Lord uses his obedience to create a “disciplemaking tree.”

This summer I had the privilege of taking 45 students and 10 adults to summer camp in Glorieta, NM. At the end of the week, I presented them with a simple charge: “Will you disciple one person this upcoming school year?”

Carrying out the numbers can be staggering. If we started with 45 students in June 2016, and each student took seriously the call to make one disciple over the next year, then charge that new disciple to make another new disciple alongside of them in the next calendar year, then revival would break out in no time. Now, that is a confusing sentence, so here is a more simple breakdown:

 Summer 2016-45 original disciples

Summer of 2017-45 original disciples + 45 “new disciples” = 90 disciples

Summer of 2018-90 disciples+90 “new disciples” =180 disciples

Summer of 2019-180 disciples+180 “new disciples” = 360 disciples

Summer of 2020-360 disciples+360 “new disciples”=720 disciples

Summer of 2021-720 disciples+720 “new disciples”=1,440 disciples

Summer of 2022-1,440 disciples+1,440 “new disciples”=2,880 disciples

Summer of 2023-2,880 disciples=2,880 disciples=5,760 disciples

 According to report from the Texas Department of Education, there were right around 6,600 students in the Cleburne Independent School District in 2014. According to those numbers, if students took Jesus’ command to make disciples, even at a rate of one per year, then in theory virtually the entire school district in Cleburne, Texas could be revolutionarily change, as soon as 7 years from now, by the power of the gospel working through followers of Jesus.

 The question is, are we going to take the commissioning call to make disciples seriously? Perhaps if we did, we’d see the dramatic change we so desire for our communities, country, and world.

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