Closing Chapter, New Beginning

Tomorrow, January 1, 2017 will be my last day as the Minister to Students at Field Street Baptist Church in Cleburne, Texas. As of Tuesday, January 3, 2017, I will be on the ground as the new Student Minister at Travis Avenue Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas.

Sunday will, no doubt, be a bittersweet day. While Jodi and I are ecstatic to return to Travis Avenue, we are sad to see our time at Field Street come to an end. We will forever be grateful for Field Street. In transition moments like these I have the tendency to be heavily drawn towards contemplation. What follows are brief reflections as this chapter of life closes, and another begins.

To Field Street Baptist Church;

Words cannot express the amount of affection Jodi and I have for you. You took a chance on a young, aspiring student minister, and allowed me to grow exponentially over the past few years. You have loved my little family through some of the most difficult seasons of our lives, and allowed us to make mistakes and learn along the way. You gave me the space to grow and thrive as a minister, and allowed me the opportunity to truly lead and learn to how to be an effective leader. We have formed lifelong friendships, and forged deep relationships with so many great people. For all of this, and so much more, we will forever be thankful.

To Field Street Student Ministry;

Over the past couple of years we have effectively built a sustainable student ministry. The foundation that was set in place before I ever hit the ground was strong, and you were ready and willing to run with me to be Kingdom-minded people together. As I have had time to sit down with many of you over a meal or coffee in the last few weeks, I am convinced that you will continue to do even greater things for the Kingdom. The volunteer leadership in place is top-notch, and the students of FSBC are incredibly gifted and driven. I truly believe the next guy up is coming into a terrific situation. I will continue to pray for you during this transition, as you ready the ship for the next appointed officer. 

To Travis Avenue Student Ministry;

I hope you are ready to hit the ground running hard and fast. Our desire, from day one, will be to make disciples and graduate ministers who know, follow, and share Jesus Christ. As a Student Ministry staff, we will work with relentless energy and efficiency as we seek to glorify and lift up Jesus Christ in everything we do. Mark your calendars for the first night of Wildfire on January 11th! I will see y’all at Sunday Morning Bible Study on January 8th, if not sooner.

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